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Our Just Cause

The Varsity Chronicle exists to inspire athletes to view their careers and lives more consciously. We are committed to providing high-quality and enriching content for readers across all platforms while developing innovative new products with partners who share our values.

We believe in the power of sports, but that doesn’t mean we have a blind eye to what is happening off the field. The Varsity Chronicle through our insightful and diverse range of content creates more conscious athletes able to bridge the gap between expectation and reality. From high school players, on up through professional leagues, to retired athletes, we aim to bring content coverage that highlights individual stories as well as broader issues affecting athletes at every level of competition and life.

I have found myself at a few crossroads in my baseball career throughout the years. From struggling with confidence to even considering leaving the sport entirely, I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who has felt this way with no specific resource to turn to for help. I found myself here because in sports there is no lesson for a test but rather a test that holds within it a lesson. See, the stories and narratives of athletes are the only way to create helpful and meaningful resources for other athletes. The Varsity Chronicle contains the tests athletes have faced in order to provide innumerable lessons for future athletes to come.

We are truly excited to share with you The Varsity Chronicle, the first publication of Varsity Media Productions. A company built by athletes for athletes.

With this in mind, I hope you enjoy the stories and lessons of the more than gracious athletes that have shared their stories here in order to help you. This would not be possible without them.

Our team passioantely looks forward to servicing athletes for the foreseable future.

And, I thank you for joining us on our infinite mission to strive for the consistent growth of consciousness in all athletes.


Dominyck Bullard – Founder of Varsity Media Productions